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Default Persistent problem since "upgrade" to Windows 10

Hello - I'm having some issues ever since the "upgrade" to Windows 10.

Currently running HP Envy 15t w/ i7 4710 HQ 2.5Ghz processor and Intel graphics. All latest graphics, USB root and BIOS drivers are installed from mfg. website (which I checked based on Display Link's support suggestions). I have the Plugable UD 5900 and two standard ASUS displays connected (using DVI and HDMI) configured as an extended desktop.

Displays routinely freeze when using MS Office 2013 (Excel and Word) as well as Mozilla Firefox (which also sometimes flashes/refreshes spontaneously - screen going black for a fraction of a second then returning). This does not seem to happen (as much anyway) when using Windows Explorer, but it has occurred when using Adobe products like Acrobat Pro X.

After freezing (whatever program is in the window becomes non-responsive and flickers), I can drag the mouse/cursor across that screen and what happens is large blocks of pixels 'disappear' to reveal whatever window/frame was underneath (for example if I have two separate instances of a browser open, the one hidden behind the active window will 'poke through' the pixel blocks that disappear). This issue never occurred prior to Windows 10 (machine came with Win 8.1). Most of the time, unplugging the main USB link then waiting a few seconds for the laptop display to pick up and then re-plugging the docking station works, but this is occurring more and more frequently.

Further, I have tried rolling back the driver/core software as well as using the Beta v8.0 for Windows 10 and the issue persists.

Further, I have duplicated this issue across two USB 3.0 docks (Plugable and Targus).
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There's a ticket created with the logs so it will be addressed there.
It looks like the driver is crashing and recovering, hence the temporary freeze whilst the service restarts automatically.
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firefox, freeze, office, windows 10

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