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Default Freezes when watching youtube video

Hi there

I've a clean installed windows 8.1 laptop with up-to-date drivers (installed windows yesterday). I use a Lenovo USB to DVI adapter.

I use the monitor only for "normal things" like surfing and watching youtube videos. Surfing works without any problems, but until I watch a video, the monitor freezes after some seconds. I have to plug-out plug-in again.

Went trough the FAQ but nothing helped. Tested all my usb ports (I only have USB 3.0) but same results. Also had two other DVI and a HDMI cable.

Thank you for your help
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Do you see this if playing the same YouTube clip on your notebook (with the dock disconnected)?

Do you get the freeze when YouTube is playing in a Window or Full Screen or both?

Can you still use the notebook mouse and keyboard when the freeze occurs?

Lastly is this browser specific?

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Hi James

Sorry for very very late reply. Moved to other house etc .

Last week I saw the monitor and thought I'll give it a try. Downloaded newest version but still freezing...

To answer your questions:

Seems to freeze more when in Full Screen but also Windowed freezes - but maybe I just think it is more in Full Screen because I go always in Full Screen. Sometimes the monitor freezes when I just browse the internet.

Twitch seems to work better than Youtube. Twitch doesn't use HTML5 Video streaming but cannot tell if that is the reason?

If the monitor freezes I can still use the Notebook. When it freezes you can hear USB plug-in/plug-out sound and notebook gets dark and then you see it again and can use it (like when you plug-in/plug-out a normal monitor directly through HDMI or DVI).

Browser doesn't matter.

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crash, freeze, video

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