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The issue I was seeing was coming out of sleep, and in device manager, there were errors, and the error said the device failed to start.

So I could not just enable from this state. I had to disable, then re-enable the drivers. Worked fine until next sleep.

Another thing, if it went to sleep, and I woke it shortly afterwards, no issues, but if it had been sleeping for some time, then this problem.

I double checked no hybrid sleep, no fast boot, no power saving on the internal devices.

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We stopped deploying 9.2 as we were starting to increase the deployments of it. Out of around 80K laptops, we were running into a 2-3% failure rate which requires a technician with elevated rights to fix it in the Device Manager or uninstall/reinstall. We still have another 60K - 70K laptops to deploy it to around the world.

I have sent logs to DisplayLink.
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I believe we have now found the root cause in the recently released postponed installation feature logic.
Our findings is that this affects Windows 10 v1803 with MSI deployment on non-USB unplug driver swap trigger.

We could share privately share a development build, but because it is a development build, it isn't Microsoft WHCP/WHQL signed, making it compulsory to install a digital certificate.

The engineering team is working on issuing a 9.3 Release Candidate which will be WHCP/WHQL and you will be able to remote install without adding a certificate to the trust store. A Release Candidate is intended to be identical to the Release but is NOT yet been fully tested, therefore it might change and is not recommended for general deployment.

Kind regards,
Ref 30802
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I'm glad that now DL does see the problem. I had to go back to the stock Windows 10 DL drivers to get my Windows 1903, build 19028.1 (this is past version 1909, this is skip to next version insider)

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